Summer Passion

Summer Passion

Collector of watches, cars, art, and other fine goods relish in the quest for the rarest and most desirable examples—arguably to satisfy their egos. Do all of these collectables offer the same type of enjoyment to collectors?

In the case of stamp or coin collecting, enjoyment is derived mostly from the aesthetic qualities of the pieces and the quest to find them.

To the contrary, there is more tangible satisfaction from collecting watches and cars. The unique growl of a fine Italian sports car; the incomparable unison of form and function in a perpetual calendar wristwatch; these distinct characteristics nourish the powerful senses of touch, hearing, and sight.

Is it common for collectors to transition from collecting modern pieces to vintage pieces?

Modern goods are generally easy to acquire. Even if produced in small number, their acquisition lacks the detailed work required to secure a vintage piece. In finding and purchasing vintage goods, collectors exhibit cultural sophistication.

Finding a special piece is demanding and requires detailed research. Cost cannot be a major consideration.

As a result, collectors must let their passions guide them instead of their finances—this is the key to successful collecting.

What do you collect? When did you begin to collect these items?

I collect a wide range of goods including, but not limited to watches, cars, motorcycles, coins, stamps, books, and knives. I began collecting as soon as I realized the joy that can be had from owning fine goods. I became more invested in collecting when I discovered that many contemporary fine goods were inspired by even more striking vintage examples. It’s natural to try to own these original examples.


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